Newark Public Schools Announces Universal Enrollment Round 1 Match Results

82 percent of students matched to top choices for 2015-2016 school year, up 18 percent from last year

Continuing the commitment to increase equitable public schools in Newark, Superintendent Cami Anderson today joined NPS School Advisory Board Chairman Rashon Hasan, Newark Trust for Education President and CEO Ross Danis, and Newark families to announce the Universal Enrollment Round 1 match results for the upcoming school year. The announcement came after the district held a match breakfast for families earlier in the morning, allowing them to converse with the principals of their newly matched schools.

“We have worked hard over the past year to implement the changes needed to ensure equity throughout the district, and this is an exciting step for all schools in Newark and for Newark families,” said Superintendent Cami Anderson. “By fully implementing a system that focuses on choice and student achievement, we are empowering families to choose schools that best fit their child’s needs.”

Part of the OneNewark plan, Universal Enrollment empowers Newark families to apply to a variety of schools – including charter and traditional public schools – and base their choices on their preferences. In the past, families had fewer options, largely due to the fact that students were assigned to schools based solely on their address. Now, families can choose to attend a school near their home or apply to schools outside of their neighborhood depending on their needs and preferences.

Based on the first round of match data for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • 76 percent of all applicants received one of their top three choices.
  • 82 percent of all applicants received one of their top five choices.
  • 83 percent of all applicants who prioritized attending schools with siblings were matched.
  • Additionally, the majority of students in transition grades, like Kindergarten and 9th grade were matched to schools of their choice.
    • 95% of kindergarten students were matched to one of their top 3 choices
    • 80% of 9th grade students were matched to one of their top 3 choices.

Last year, only 64 percent of applicants received one of their top three choices while 71 percent received a match included in one of their top five choices.

“Ensuring equity in education is the key to improving our community,” said SAB Chairman Rashon Hasan. “Implementing a system that encourages school choice and empowers parents is an essential part of building a better educational system and a better future for our kids here in Newark.”
This year’s Round 1 match data comes after a number of improvements were made to the enrollment process based on crucial feedback from the community. Provided through a survey led by the Community Review Committee, community feedback regarding last year’s enrollment process was generally positive, but also showed a need for better customer service and communication.

“There is nothing more important to me then making sure that my child is receiving the best education,” said Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark Parent Keisha King. “The Universal Enrollment system has given me control and allowed me to determine which school will best serve my child.”

Families who were matched to a school in Round 1 will now need to register at their student’s new school by April 24. Families who did not participate are encouraged to apply in Round 2, which opens on April 20 for pre-kindergarten, and April 27 for kindergarten through 12th grade.