3 NEW Schools are Opening for School Year 2021 – 2022

[Newark, Jersey November 5, 2020] Today, Superintendent Roger León continues to deliver on the promise of the district’s ten-year strategic plan, The Next Decade: 2020-30, as he announces three new schools scheduled to open in the 2021-2022 school year.

The Michelle Obama Elementary School will initially enroll grades PK – 2 and will grow to grade 8. The school will focus on Community, Leadership, and Wellness.

In efforts to continue career-driven academia, The School of Fashion and Design will begin with an inaugural class of 9th grade students, interested in exploring their academic and creative potential to influence the world of fashion. The School of Fashion and Design will feature courses in Fashion Drawing and History teaching students how to understand the exploration of the body with fabrics, using a variety of design techniques. Other courses will concentrate on Fashion Computer Arts incorporating the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience that comes with software applications typically used by designers and textile artists in the fashion industry.

Finally, the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology will also begin with an inaugural 9th grade class, seeking to prepare the next generation of Research Scientists and Information Technology Professionals. Courses will focus on bringing about organizational and technological change in all aspects of their community. The overall mission, to prepare students for immediate college and career opportunities by combining the most innovative curriculum in data science with cutting edge industry standard technology.

Each of these two new high schools will grow one grade every year until twelfth grade.

The Newark Board of Education continues to strive in establishing and providing new and exciting opportunities for our students to succeed. Students are expected to excel within their individual tracks, affording them the opportunity to dream and become the very best versions of themselves.

In just three years, Superintendent León has opened 7 new schools and expanded 7 others.

For more information, please contact:
Newark Board of Education
Nancy Deering, Interim Executive Director