East Side High School Hosts Bowling Bash for Staff


East Side High School staff celebrated each other at their 2019 Bowling Bash! This was the first year since 2015 that they celebrated such a night. Recognized on this night were:

  • Dr. Mario Santos for his “In recognition of his 14 years as our leader of East Side High School - Graduate of, Teacher of, Principal of, and Assistant Superintendent of East Side High School - 2005-2018, & 2019 – Success beyond the years”
  • Mrs. Josephine Steele - “In Recognition of her 45 years of service as a teacher in the Newark East Side community - 39 years of services with the Black History wall - Bowling Coach 1975 - 1982 & 2005 - 2014”

Regardless of department, we are one united school with a great culture. The evening was a great success.

The text and email responses were very heartfelt. Our building feels a lot more closer together. This will be something that we will continue to do for the years to come.