Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. M.L.K. School Celebrates Student Attendance at Bump Up Your Attendance Concert

[Newark, NJ – October 5, 2018] Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. M.L.K. School celebrated students who are producing great results in attendance for this school year. More than 70 students, their parents and siblings were treated to a “Bump Up Your Attendance,” concert on October 4.

Principal Simone Rose said, “Administration and staff are excited about the new school year. Our goal is to keep our students excited and engaged around perfect attendance, getting to school on time and achieving academic success. The concert is a way to celebrate their success thus far.”

Students were treated to a concert featuring a number of their favorite area artists, many of whom brought gifts along to distribute to the student attendance winners. New shoes and school uniforms were donated, in addition to free haircuts and other gifts were presented by the musical artists.

According to Vice Principal LaShanda Gilliam, “Students attending the concert were required to be present and on time every day since school opened. Those who met the challenge were given this special treat.”

Both Principal Rose and VP Gilliam said, student attendance has a direct correlation to success, which is why incentives, such as the concert were an important way to illustrate attendance success one month into the new school year.