Newark Seniors Accepted to Ivy Leagues and HBCUs


The Newark Board of Education congratulates the remarkable Class of 2024, recognizing their unwavering commitment and diligence. As a testament to their outstanding accomplishments, students have earned placements in esteemed educational programs, received generous full-ride scholarships, and even attained Associate Degrees alongside their high school diplomas. The District has organized many enriching opportunities, including college tours, trade fairs, career panels, and comprehensive college and career counseling services. Moreover, students have been provided with rigorous academic preparation, encompassing an array of offerings such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate courses, dual enrollment, and vocational education programs.

The High School Leadership team recognizes all seniors as they transition into college, including scholars accepted into the following Ivy League Schools and HBCUs:

Alabama State University

Bowie State University

Cheyney University

Clark Atlanta University

Cornell University

Delaware State University

Hampton University

Harvard University

Howard University

Jackson State University


Morgan State University

Norfolk State University

Princeton University

South Carolina State University

Texas Southern University

Tuskegee University

University of Pennsylvania

Virginia State University

Winston Salem University

Xavier University of Louisiana

Yale University

Stay tuned for more highlights on the amazing success of NBOE schools and scholars!

Stay tuned for more highlights on the amazing success of NBOE schools and scholars!