Superintendent Leon, Office of Special Education, and staff and students from Bruce Street School for the Deaf and Technology High School visit Gaulludet University in Washington, D.C.

Pictured are Superintendent Roger León, Executive Director Carolyn Granato, Director Marilyn Mitchell, Principal Kyle Thomas, Audiologist Carol Ukstins, Interpreter Donna Holden, Speech Pathologist Joanne Odiase, Psychologist Linette Lynch, Teachers Sergio Zurita and Kayla Termyna, and Students Desmond Gabriel and Chad Thompson.

We want to thank and applaud Joseph Santini, Director of Instruction, the staff and students at Gaulludet University, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, Model Secondary School for the Deaf, and the Laurent Clerc Center.

Special Thanks to Senator Cory Booker and his incredible staff, State Senator M. Teresa Ruiz, and the Office of Special Education.