NBOE Custodial Services Department Organizes Crucial Training Session

Custodial Services, the largest department in Facilities, recently organized a crucial training session for its team. Wali Thomas, the head of the department, took the initiative to schedule this training. To ensure comprehensive training, the department sought the expertise of the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI). The training covered various aspects such as supervision, scheduling, product usage, and record keeping. The purpose of this education and training was to equip the leadership team with the necessary skills to tackle the daily challenges they face. Following the training, the leadership team will then conduct smaller group sessions to train the school-based staff on the proper usage and implementation of cleaning products and equipment. The training included important information such as the correct dwell time for cleaning chemicals to effectively sanitize and disinfect surfaces, when to clean or replace mop heads, and the proper use of floor scrubbing machines to optimize labor and clean larger areas. By implementing these techniques, the department aims to reduce operating costs and maximize the annual budget allocated for supplies and labor. This exemplifies the Facilities department's commitment to continuous learning and improvement in order to better serve the needs of the District.