Former White House Chefs Bring Presidential Flavors to Newark Vocational High School


Former White House chefs Guy Mitchell and Michael "Woody" Raber recently brought a taste of presidential elegance to the students of Newark Vocational High School. Trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Mitchell, and Raber showcased their culinary expertise with a Presidential-themed meal, accompanied by captivating storytelling sessions aimed at inspiring the budding chefs of tomorrow.

The event was met with enthusiasm and admiration from students and staff alike. Principal DeSantis expressed her gratitude, stating, "It was an honor to have the chefs visit our school and share experiences that will positively impact the lives of our students."

Throughout the interactive session, Mitchell and Raber emphasized the importance of dedication, creativity, and perseverance in the culinary world. They recounted their experiences serving at the White House. Moreover, the chefs emphasized the significance of staying true to one's roots while embracing innovation. They encouraged the students to explore diverse culinary traditions, allowing them to develop their unique culinary identities.

For many students, this experience was a culinary delight and a source of inspiration and motivation. Rakeeyah Chaney, a senior, stated, "It was a cool experience to meet chefs who worked in the White House and to actually watch them make things so fast."

In a reflective moment, Chef Mitchell commented, "With your principal, administration, instructors, and that beautiful kitchen, I know that something is working here at this school."

Events like these serve as a reminder of the transformative power of mentorship and the impact that passionate individuals can have on shaping the future generation. Through their visit, Mitchell and Raber not only imparted culinary wisdom but also instilled a sense of purpose and ambition in Newark Vocational High School students.