Falling in Love With Literacy!

Literacy Carnival Brings More than 300 Students and Families Out for a Night of Fun & Learning

[NEWARK, NJ – February 1, 2018] More than 300 families turned out for a night of fun and learning at the Literacy Carnival at 13th Avenue School. For two hours, students and parents played literacy games to encourage a love of literacy and to earn prizes as rewards for their participation and engagement, according to Principal Simone Rose.

Vice Principal LaShanda Gilliam, who created the Literacy Carnival said, “Student writing and literacy projects were the focus of the evening fun night. Games were displayed for families through the entire first floor of the school – all of our games were linked to learning. She added, “Our goal is to get as many families as possible to fall in love with literacy.”

The evening program included the reenactment of a play, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a poetry slam, playing Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and other games that connects reading to fun.

A parent with three daughters commented that the school effort was so rewarding for the children and the parents and it gave parents an opportunity to take, during the week to have fun with their children, in way that stresses learning and fun at the same time.

Assistant Superintendent Erskine Glover, who oversees 13th Avenue School said, “I commend the leadership, teachers and staff for their commitment to their students and the community and their relentless efforts to always highlight learning through educational games and engagement.”