Elliott Street School Hosts First Annual Family Math Night

Math Family Night!
Math Family Night! 5th Grade Math Teacher at Elliott Street School, Terence Daniel, helps students and parents on the First Annual Math Family Night. More than 450 parents and students attended this year’s event. Mr. Daniel is a member of the Math Instructional Team (MIT) at Elliott, under the direction of Principal Nicole Johnson.

[NEWARK, New Jersey – November 20, 2017] Elliott Street School recently opened its doors for a first ever, Family Math Family night to celebrate learning and to encourage students to understand the importance of Math in their daily lives.

Principal Nicole Johnson said, “We created Family Math Night as an opportunity for parents to participate in Math Learning with students and teachers and to be able to extend the learning at home by being able to understand/share what students are doing in school and hopefully extend that learning to home.” According to Principal Johnson more than 450 parents and students attended the program.

During this activity teachers, parents, students and administrators were able to engage in math learning and activities together and take home math games/activities that can be shared as families at home.

5th Grade Math Teacher Terence Daniel, along with a number of other teachers and administrators participated in the programs. Mr. Daniel is a member of the Math Instructional Team (MIT) at Elliott Street School.

A participating parent said, “This was so much fun! I’m glad that I came. It was nice to see my daughter’s teacher here too.”