Autism Acceptance Kick Off 2024

The Newark Board of Education, Office of Special Education (OSE) celebrated its 6th Annual Autism Acceptance kick-off on Tuesday, April 9th 2024. This year’s theme was “Make It Personal, Autism Acceptance.” This year, the Office of Special Education used the Infinity Symbol, to represent the infinite potential of individuals with autism, as well as their limitless possibilities and abilities. It also serves to remind us that individuals with autism are not limited by their diagnosis and should be recognized for their unique talents and strengths.

Central Office staff helped to kick-off Autism Acceptance by celebrating minds of all kinds and sharing what neurodiversity means to them.  They decorated infinity symbols for the April 9th kickoff on the 4th floor and posted them on our Office of Special Education Autism Infinite Potential Mural. Throughout the month Central Office  participated in various activities to promote autism awareness and acceptance and also beautify  their office spaces in support of Autism Acceptance Month as a Do-A-Thon. Displays were judged and awarded based on creativity, theme, originality, construction, and spirit.

The celebration also kicked off the school-based inclusive activities, where classes in the autism program partnered with grade-level general education peers in their school to engage in inclusive activities that promote awareness, acceptance and compassion of peers with ASD.  Staff, students' parents and guardians were encouraged to participate in the activities and events this month to promote greater understanding of neurodiversity and strategies to support the success of children on the autism spectrum. Our ultimate goal is for educators, students and parents to discuss and initiate daily practices to successfully educate and accept ALL children including students on the autism spectrum.