100 Men Welcome Students to School on the 100th Day of School!


100 Days of teaching and learning! Hawkins Street School celebrated the 100th Day of School with many activities. The students were welcomed to school with a “100” Men Welcome. Men from the community showed their commitment to education with their presence at Hawkins Street School.

Kindergarten through Fourth Grades were unrecognizable dressed up as 100 year old students. Middle School boys were invited to a “Boys to Men” program where they listened to words of inspiration and wisdom from Superintendent Roger León and Hawkins Street School Alumni, Marques-Aquil Lewis.

The “100” Men showed the boys how to tie a tie, a confident handshake and how to network. Meanwhile, the girls participated in a “2020 Vision Board” activity facilitated by Coach Niya Santiago, Playworks Site Coordinator. It was great 100th Day sponsored by The Young Men of Hawkins - advisers Mr. Lopez, Principal and Mr. Castillo, Verizon Innovative Learning Coach.