100 Days Smarter at Luis Muñoz Marin!

The 100th day of school is such an exciting time of the academic year for the young scholars of Luis Munoz Marin. Our pre-kindergarten to second grade students engaged in various activities: 100 Word Challenge, Designing to 100, What can I do in 100 seconds?, and Race to 100 to honor this special day. Participants marched in a parade throughout the school community showcasing projects and modeling senior outfits prepared collaboratively with their parents, peers and teachers. Observing students demonstrate a strong command for counting, cardinality, number sense and operations in base ten affirms the growth each learner has achieved. Some of the extended lessons were cross curricular as students participated in health and fitness routines and responded to writing prompts highlighting the number one hundred. Traditionally, February 14th is reserved for Valentine’s Day; a day filled with love and laughter. On this day, we laughed and loved that our students are truly 100 days smarter.

Happy 100th Day of School!