Substitute Teacher Certification Process

Create an account online at the NJ Department of Education Educator Certification website.

  1. Enter your information and check your email for login instructions.
  2. Apply: Complete the application for Credential Instructional Substitute based on your college credits – 60 or 30.
  3. Background Questions: Complete all the questions and Oath of Allegiance.
  4. Payment: Submit the application and process the $125.00 application fee.
  5. Record: Make note of your “case number” from the payment confirmation page.

Provide Official Transcripts

Transcript(s) must show completion of the required minimum number of credits. Pathway one (1): 60 Credits or Pathway two (2): 30 credits.

Official transcript(s) must be sent directly from your college/university with your case number. They must be emailed to NJ DOE at

PLEASE NOTE: Your application is not complete until all required documents have been submitted to the Department of Education.

  1. Fingerprint approval.
  2. Official Transcript sent directly from your college/university.
  3. Proof of age via license or other government issued identification if applicable.

If you are applying for substitute credentials using 30 college credits, an official letter from the registrar’s office providing proof of the current enrollment at an accredited college or university is also required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After your fingerprint appointment, wait approximately two weeks and check the status online. Click here to log into your account and check the status. A copy of the fingerprint approval must be uploaded to your portal.

Renewal of Substitute Credential.

Substitute credentials are valid for 5 years. You are able to renew your substitute teacher credential anytime within six (6) months prior to the expiration date indicated on your certification and no more than six (6) months after the expiration date.

Follow the steps above to complete the application for credentials.
Note: There is no “renewal” application.

If you are an active Newark Board of Education employee you will be required to upload the following items to the application portal to renew your substitute credentials:

  1. Most recent employment history approval (fingerprints) Download your fingerprints.
  2. Active employment verification letter from the District Website Register using these instructions and download the letter.
  3. An official transcript sent directly to the department of education can be emailed to:
    If your school does not participate in the electronic delivery or you have used a third-party credential evaluation service that only provides official documents via regular mail, they must be sent in the original sealed envelope.


    Mail to: Essex County Certification Department
    Leroy Smith Public Safety Building
    60 Nelson Place, 1st Floor South
    Newark, NJ 07102

Incomplete applications will not be processed.