Employee Assistance Program

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The EAP is a benefit provided by your employer to help you manage work/life problems and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Think of EAP as your professional support system. Whatever your concern or worry might be, your EAP counselors are here to help. When you call, professional counselors will listen to you, assess your situation, then guide and coach you. The counselor can also refer you to a therapist near your home or workplace. Your EAP program is completely confidential and is a benefit fully paid by your employer.

  • What does it cost to call the EAP line?

    Nothing. Each call or e-mail contact is free. Your employer provides it as an employee benefit for you and members of your household

  • What can I expect when I call?

    When you call our EAP, a professional counselor will answer your call and immediately provide assistance. This is what you can expect:

    • The EAP counselor will begin by helping you sort out your problem or concern
    • Then, the counselor will help you identify your options and guide, support and coach you in exploring ways to resolve the situation
    • Finally, the counselor will help you develop a specific, concrete plan to solve your problem
  • I'd rather see a counselor near my home. Can EAP help me with this?

    We can refer you to a counselor near your home or workplace. Your company pre-pays for this service, so you pay nothing out-of-pocket.

  • My EAP benefits include face-to-face counseling sessions. How do I set that up?

    To set up face-to-face counseling sessions, simply call your EAP, anytime day or night, at 1-800-531-0200 and request to see a counselor.

  • I know that counseling sessions on the phone are free. Do I have to pay to see a therapist in an office?

    NPS provides it as an employee benefit for you and members of your household that cover the cost up to 5 visits.

  • Who can use the EAP?

    You and member of your household.

  • How do I get EAP services?

    It's easy. You can:

    • Call us anytime day or night at 1-800-531-0200
    • E-mail us at inquiries@nullcharlesnechtem.com We will write back the next business day
    • Wellness Library - logon to our password-protected EAP website www.charlesnechtem.com, where you will find hundreds of articles about all kinds of topics from adoption to will. Click here to register.
    • Company Name: The Newark Public Schools
    • Password: create your own password
  • When can I call?

    A live EAP counselor is available to you and your dependents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also email inquiries to: inquiries@nullcharlesnechtem.com.

  • What is E-Counseling?

    eE-counseling is counseling through e-mail. Just like face-to-face therapy, e-counseling helps you deal with life issues and encourages. E-mail us at inquiries@nullcharlesnechtem.com. A counselor will get back to you the next business day.

  • Why would I choose E-Counseling?

    Some people find that e-counseling has the following advantages:

    • You may feel freer to be yourself
    • You may feel more comfortable connecting through your computer
    • You may feel more comfortable writing about problems than talking about them
    • Writing may help you to think through your problems and to feel your emotions
    • You can read and re-read your emails
    • Writing enhances your relationship with yourself
    • You can fit emails into your schedule - anytime, day or night
    • You can take as long as you want to write
  • Will my employer find out I've contacted the EAP?

    No. There is no way for your employer to know that you've contacted the EAP. Your EAP is completely confidential. None of your information will be shared with anyone except for these two exceptions, in which we must notify authorities in accordance with state laws:

    • If we believe that your life is in danger or you are putting someone else's life in danger
    • We become aware of child or elder abuse
  • Do you provide services to employees who don't speak English?

    We have Spanish and French speaking counselors immediately available at all times. We also have a translation service available for all other languages.

  • People call their EAP for many reasons including:

    • Alcohol or drug abuse
    • Anxiety
    • Balancing personal & professional life
    • Child and family issues
    • Childcare referrals
    • Dealing with change
    • Grief
    • Depression
    • Dissatisfaction with work
    • Domestic violence
    • Eldercare referrals
    • Executive coaching
    • Family issues
    • Feeling overwhelmed
    • Job stress
    • Legal referral services
    • Time management
    • Long-term care counseling
    • Low cost housing referrals
    • Marital issues
    • Parenting
    • Practicing mindfulness
    • Problems with a child
    • Problems with a co-worker
    • Problems with a supervisor
    • Relationship issues
    • Smoking cessation
    • Work issues