Whetstone Resources

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Resources to Share with Teachers

Teachers responsible for reflecting on Paraprofessional practice

Getting Started:

  • Click Start > Start Peer Observation
  • Select the paraprofessional’s name
  • Select “Paraprofessional Peer Teacher Reflection - Observation”



Getting Started:

  • Click Start > Observe
  • Select your name
  • Select “Paraprofessional Self-Reflection - Observation”


Sample Email to Share with Teachers

Sample Email:

Hi Teachers!

Our new platform for coaching and evaluations, Whetstone, is set up and ready to use.

Here are directions on how to log in:

    1. Navigate to app.whetstone education.com.
    2. Select Newark Board of Education from the dropdown.
    3. Click “Login with Google” and enter your credentials. Or, click “create a password” to set a new password for Whetstone.
    4. Bookmark Whetstone.
    5. You’ll be prompted to start the in-platform training!

If you have any trouble logging in, or questions about the training, please email growsupport@nullschoolmint.net or click on the "Support and Feedback" button in the lower right corner. I’m also linking a Guide to Grow’s In-Platform Training, which may help as you get started.