Newark Pre-K Sites

Enroll in free pre-k to give your child the early learning advantage that leads to success in school, college and life.

Newark residents have various pre-k options to choose from in district schools, charter schools, and community-based providers as well as Head Start programming.

District Pre-K

Free 6-hour pre-k in schools managed by Newark Public Schools (NPS)

Community Based Pre-K Providers

Publicly funded, privately managed schools that contact with NPS to offer free 6-hour pre-k

Charter School Pre-K Programs

Charter Schools are public schools not ran by the NPS. Charter Schools are free of charge and serve all grades.

Head Start

Head Start is a family-oriented preschool program that offers nutrition, education, health and support services including individualized services, health and dental screenings, family support, community resources and services to meet special needs.

Head Start programming can be found in some district schools and community-based provider settings. Proof of income is required for Head Start. Parents must pre-certified for Head Start before or during the application process at any of the current Head Start locations.

All pre-k programs offer small class sizes, proven curriculum, and certified staff. Children receive high quality learning in reading and writing, math, science, visual & performing arts, as well as health, physical education and social living development.

Applying is fast, free and easy.

In-District and Charter Schools: Apply online at or in-person by completing a paper application at any district school.

Community-Based Pre-K Provider: Apply in-person at the provider location on ongoing basis.

SchoolAddressWardPhone NumberProviderHead Start
Abington Avenue School209 Abington Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
North973-268-5230NPS DistrictNo
Avon Avenue219 Avon AvenueSouthNPS DistrictYes
Benjamin Franklin School42 Park Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
Central973-268-5250NPS DistrictNo
Brighter Tomorrows I796 South Orange AvenueWest973-416-4141Community Based ProviderNo
Brighter Tomorrows II 578-582 Market StreetEast973-344-1021Community Based ProviderNo
Camden Street School281 Camden Street
Newark, NJ 07103
Central973-733-6994NPS DistrictYes
Chen School Inc.24 Maiden Lane Central973-622-5184Community Based ProviderNo
Cleveland Elementary School388 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07108
Central973-733-6944NPS DistrictNo
Clinton Hill Community420 Hawthorne AvenueSouth973-372-8877Community Based ProviderNo
Community Hills85 Irvine Turner Boulevard Central973-621-0852Community Based ProviderNo
Early Childhood Center - Central70 Montgomery Street
Newark, NJ 07103
Central973-733-7257NPS DistrictYes
Early Childhood Center - North228 Ridge Street
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-268-5112NPS DistrictYes
Early Childhood Center - South255 Chancellor Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112
South973-705-3860NPS DistrictYes
East Ward Elementary Annex119 Clifford StreetEastNPS DistrictNo
Elliott Street School721 Summer Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-268-5360NPS DistrictNo
First Avenue School214 First Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
North973-268-5240NPS DistrictNo
Full Gospel Christian Academy531 South Orange AvenueWest973-372-1492Community Based ProviderNo
Great Oaks Legacy823 South 16th StreetSouth973-374-7000CharterNo
Harmony House Early Learning Center278 South Orange AvenueWest973-623-8555Community Based ProviderNo
Harriet Tubman School504 South 10th Street
Newark, NJ 07103
Central973-733-6934NPS DistrictNo
Hawkins Street School8 Hawkins Street
Newark, NJ 07105
East973-465-4920NPS DistrictNo
Hawthorne Avenue School428 Hawthorne AvenueSouth973-705-3960NPS District No
Holiness Pentecostal Church Day Care22 Halleck StreetNorth973-484-6777Community Based ProviderNo
IEP - Ironbound697 Market StreetEast973-589-8695Community Based ProviderNo
IEP - Summer Place29 Summer PlaceNorth973-350-8690Community Based ProviderNo
Ironbound Children's Center1 New York AvenueEast973-589-6873Community Based ProviderYes
Ivy Hill Elementary School107 Ivy Street
Newark, NJ 07106
West973-351-2121NPS DistrictNo
Kiddie Korner Early Learning Center319-321 Verona AvenueNorth973-484-5166Community Based ProviderNo
King Memorial 224 West Kinney StreetCentral973-642-4327Community Based ProviderNo
La Casa - Audrey West168-174 Roseville AvenueNorth973-485-4031Community Based ProviderYes
La Casa - Edna R. Thomas432-437 15th StreetWest973-242-0696Community Based ProviderYes
La Casa - Elizabeth Avenue43-45 Elizabeth AvenueSouth862-237-9380Community Based ProviderYes
La Casa - Preschool Academy201 First StreetNorth973-350-8247Community Based ProviderYes
La Casa de Don Pedro - Broadway39 BroadwayNorth973-485-0850Community Based ProviderNo
La Casa de Don Pedro - First Street202-216 First StreetNorth973-350-0530Community Based ProviderNo
La Casa de Don Pedro - Park Avenue75 Park AvenueNorth973-485-0850Community Based ProviderNo
La Casa - St. Francis87-89 St. Francis StreetEast973-344-6932Community Based ProviderYes
Lafayette Street School205 Lafayette Street
Newark, NJ 07105
East973-465-4860NPS DistrictYes
Leaguers - 177 Central Avenue177 Central AvenueCentral973-642-8679Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - 405 University405-425 University AvenueCentral973-643-0300Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - 731 Clinton731 Clinton AvenueSouth973-481-4091Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - 750 Clinton750 Clinton AvenueSouth973-371-3619Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - Deliverance200 South Orange AvenueCentral862-240-1770Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - Elm Street182 Van Buren StreetEast973-901-9263
Community Based ProviderNo
Leaguers - Judith Diggs302-316 16th AvenueWest973-399-4064Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - Metropolitan149 Springfield AvenueCentral973-353-0135Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - Orange Street563 Orange StreetCentral973-642-3143Community Based ProviderYes
Leaguers - Springfield Avenue302 Springfield AvenueCentral973-923-7002Community Based ProviderYes
Lincoln Elementary School87 Richelieu Terrace
Newark, NJ 07106
West973-374-2290NPS DistrictNo
Luis Munoz Marin School663 Broadway
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-268-5330NPS DistrictYes
McKinley Elementary School1 Colonnade Place
Newark, NJ 07104
Central973-268-5270NPS DistrictYes
Miller Street School at Spencer66 Muhammad Ali Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
South973-733-6166NPS DistrictNo
Mt. Carmel Guild Cares594 North 7th StreetNorth973-497-7714Community Based ProviderNo
Mount Vernon School142 Mount Vernon Place
Newark, NJ 07106
West973-374-2090NPS DistrictNo
Newark Day @ Essex County College 303 University AvenueCentral973-877-3357Community Based ProviderNo
Newark Day Care Center43 Hill StreetCentral973-643-5710Community Based ProviderNo
Newark Educators' Community Charter School9-11 Hill StreetCentral973-732-3848CharterNo
North 10th Street284 First AvenueNorth973-412-1171NPS DistrictNo
Oliver Street School86 Oliver Street
Newark, NJ 07105
East973-465-4872NPS DistrictNo
Park Elementary School120 Manchester Place
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-268-5999NPS DistrictNo
Page Academy530 Central Avenue West973-622-5333Community Based ProviderNo
Parkside Preschool II354 Park AvenueNorth973-484-0808Community Based ProviderNo
Perpetual Help Day Nursery 170 Broad StreetNorth973-484-3535Community Based ProviderNo
Peshine Avenue433 Peshine Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112
South973-705-3890NPS DistrictYes
Quitman Street Community School21 Quitman Street
Newark, NJ 07103
Central973-733-6947NPS DistrictYes
Rafael Hernandez Elementary School345 Broadway
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-481-5004NPS DistrictNo
Rainbow Land I67-71 Somme StreetEast973-491-5084Community Based ProviderNo
Rainbow Land II 115-129 Gotthart StreetEast973-344-1320Community Based ProviderNo
Ridge Street School735 Ridge St.
Newark NJ 07104
North973-268-5210NPS DistrictNo
Roberto Clemente Elementary School257 Summer Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104
North973-268-5291NPS DistrictNo
Sarah Ward - Jay Street27 Jay StreetCentral973-482-3593Community Based ProviderNo
Sarah Ward - Lock Street105 Lock StreetCentral973-645-0442Community Based ProviderNo
Sarah Ward - Sanford406 Sanford AvenueWest973-371-5311Community Based ProviderNo
St. Ann's Community Day Care110 16th AvenueWest973-642-4018Community Based ProviderNo
St. Justine Preschool I119-137 Clifford StreetEast973-589-3265Community Based ProviderNo
St. Justine Preschool II 184 Pacific StreetEast973-589-6200Community Based ProviderNo
Sir Isaac Newton150 Newton StreetCentralNPS DistrictYes
South Street School104 Oliver Street
Newark, NJ 07105
East973-465-4880NPS DistrictNo
South Street Elementary Annex184 Pacific StreetEastNPS DistrictNo
Speedway Avenue School701 South Orange Avenue
Newark NJ 07106
West973-374-2152NPS DistrictYes
Sussex Avenue School307 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
Central973-268-5200NPS DistrictNo
The North Ward Center, Inc. - 300 Mount Prospect 300-306 Mount Prospect North973-350-0369Community Based ProviderNo
The North Ward Center, Inc. - 341 Roseville Avenue341 Roseville AvenueNorth973-482-8850Community Based ProviderNo
The North Ward Center, Inc. - 346 Mt. Prospect Avenue346 Mt. Prospect AvenueNorth973-481-1023Community Based ProviderNo
The North Ward Center, Inc. - 475 Mount Prospect Avenue475 Mount Prospect AvenueNorth973-412-0990Community Based ProviderNo
Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. MLK, Jr. School359 13th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
West973-733-7045NPS DistrictYes
University Heights Charter School74 Hartford StreetCentral973-623-1965CharterNo
Urban League of ECCDC504 Central AvenueCentral973-624-9535Community Based ProviderNo
UVSO - Ivy Hill475-487 Irvington AvenueWest973-351-7747Community Based ProviderNo
UVSO - Smith Street179 Smith StreetWest973-351-2151Community Based ProviderNo
West Ward Early Child Development107 Roseville AvenueWest973-482-6602Community Based ProviderNo