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        Welcome to Lafayette Street School, the School of Performing Arts and Justice and home of the Falcons.  Our school is located in the heart of the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey.  We are a multicultural school that services over 1,140 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.


        Students are our first priority.  Administration, Faculty and Staff are dedicated to ensuring that every student obtains the academic, social, and cultural skills needed for the 21st century.  We utilize a thematic approach by teaching through Interdisciplinary Units of Study, a best practice that integrates all content areas in order to bring relevancy to the student’s learning.  We truly believe that with hard work, determination and collaboration great things will happen.

School Mission Statement

   The staff at Lafayette School and Annexes will conduct a meaningful positive program to provide each student with the academic, social and cultural skills needed for optimum growth and development. A total commitment of staff, along with instructional effectiveness and positive attitudes, in a safe and orderly atmosphere, will strengthen the concepts that all students are capable of achieving optimum success.

   While student achievement is the responsibility of the school, both home and the school have the important task of encouraging a “liking to learn” environment. While the school takes the lead with the instructional activities, the home plays a significant role in reinforcing activities. We encourage parents’ participation and maintain open communication with the parents concerning their children and our programs. We will hold each other accountable.

    A program of specific skills has been outlined for each grade, and students will be eligible for promotion only after mastery of these prescribed skills.

   Our efforts will be directed toward a high degree of individual initiative and leadership. Creativity, originality and experimentation will serve to broaden, enrich, and illuminate our instruction. We will enhance the lives of the students entrusted in our care by affording them the opportunity to be truly gifted and talented. 

School Vision Statement 

WE, the parents, teachers, students, and staff of LAFAYETTE STREET SCHOOL/ANNEX are committed to strive for excellence in our school through a mutual TRUST, and COLLABORATIVE team effort; UNITY OF PURPOSE is our underlying GOLDEN RULE.

WE will conduct a meaningful, positive program to provide each student with the academic, social and cultural skills needed for optimum growth and development; EXPERIMENTATION,INQUIRY and REFLECTION will be inherent; RISK TAKING will be prevalent. Our school theme, “THE PERFORMING ARTS WITH JUSTICE”, will encourage our students to excel while embracing a cultural world. 

WE are committed to safety and security within the school walls as well as the playground, and surrounding school area; a safe and orderly atmosphere that promotes EQUITY of and strengthens the beliefs that all students are capable of achieving optimum success.

WE pledge to create an environment of respect in which all members take personal responsibility  for the success of the school; EMPOWERMENT COUPLED WITH RESPONSIBILITY is our GOLDEN RULE.

WE are determined to provide skills related to experiencing new technology in order to better prepare for future successes.

WE are focused to provide opportunities for students to excel in a variety of learning activities in which they become actively engaged; students will be powerfully active in all learning situations designed in various and diverse styles.

WE certify to build and maintain the interpersonal skills vitally important in an increasingly global society; BUILDING ON STRENGTHS is our GOLDEN RULE.

WE vow to respect, explore, and celebrate the cultures of our students, community, the world; we foster parent PARTICIPATION and maintain open COMMUNICATION with students and parents concerning our academic and recreational programs. 

WE promise to champion for our students’ success; to realize our SCHOOL AS A CENTER of EXPERTISE, encourage SHARED RESPONSIBILITY and GOVERNANCE, while creating a “DREAM SCHOOLof gifted and talented students.  

FY2014 HIB Grades (March 4, 2014)


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