Return to Local Control

On November 1, 2017 Newark Public Schools, in conjunction with the office of Mayor Ras J. Baraka and the Newark Trust for Education, hosted 5 simultaneous Local Control Planning Meeting, in each of the city’s five wards.  The goal of the meeting was to discuss next steps and receive input from stakeholders.

Press Release: Newark Hosts Local Control Planning Meetings

The district’s superintendent search firm – Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates (HYA) – has gathered feedback from stakeholders across the city of Newark to understand what people see as our district’s current strengths, our biggest challenges, and our desired attributes in the next superintendent. With our commitment to transparency in this important process, we would like to share the results of the stakeholder feedback with you.

HYA was successful in getting over 1,200 survey responses from the online survey launched in February and has prepared a summary of the responses. With the goal of full transparency, we would like to share the summary of the online survey results with you.

In addition to the survey, HYA conducted focus groups and meetings with more than 400 stakeholders ranging from board members, parents, students and educators to community organizations, local politicians, and clergy. HYA compiled the information gathered from the survey as well as the interviews and focus groups into a “Leadership Profile.” This Leadership Profile includes the common themes from the various stakeholders that result in the desired characteristics for the next Superintendent of Newark Public Schools. The Profile has been presented to the Superintendent Search Committee, the Newark Public Schools Board of Education, and the candidates who have applied. We are also sharing this profile with you.

Thank you to all who participated at this important stage in the process for selecting our next superintendent!

The next step in this process is to provide an opportunity for the public to hear directly from four finalist candidates about their vision for Newark Public Schools, before the board interviews each candidate and identifies their selection. The forum, which is open to the public, includes a presentation from each candidate. There will not be an opportunity for questions and answers or dialogue with the audience.  Candidate names and bios are available here:

Superintendent Candidates:

Transition Plan Documents

Local Control
   Transition Plan
- Transition Plan for the Return of Local Control to Newark Public Schools (12/19/2017)
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Accountability Scorecard
108 downloads 12-19-2017 18:26 Download 68.8 KB
Letter from State DOE (12/19/2017)
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NESB Report (August 2016)
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Newark Local Control Transition Plan - Presentation
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Local Control Planning Meeting Documents

Local Control
   Planning Meeting
Local Control Planning Meeting: Consolidated Notes
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Local Control Planning Meeting: Topic 2: Four Phases of a Superintendent Search
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Superintendents Search Survey Documents

Local Control
   Superintendents Search Survey Documents
Board Newark Leadership Profile
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Newark, NJ - HYA - Survey Report
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