Learning At Home

  1. Read, Write, and Problem-solve Using Current Events
    • Have your children read for at least an hour a day and have them talk about what they have read with you.
      • Example: Have your child read newspaper articles about how people are preparing for the election and discuss with you what they think is going to happen on Tuesday. You can find relevant election resources and articles here: Source 1Source 2Source 3
    • Make sure your children write about what they have read.
      • Example: Have your children write about why the recent storm was so strong using information from recent articles: Source 1Source 2
    • Have your children work on math problems that connect to what they are learning in school and the world around them.
      • Example: Have your children practice converting fractions to percentages when calculating how many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are registered to vote in New Jersey.
  2. K-12 Literacy Resources – Special Free Offer From Achieve 3000
    • Achieve 3000 – While schools are out of session, Achieve3000 literacy solutions will be available at no charge to all NPS students. Achieve3000 programs provide informational text related to current events news tailored to each child’s unique reading level, and are proven to help students prepare for college and career. To learn more about the program, click hereTo get your child’s free login to the program, just call 877-235-2520 and mention code: NPS256.
  3. K-12 Math Resources
    • Grade-Level Scope and Sequence Documents: click here.
  4. Additional English-Language Arts and Math resources for grades K-8
    • For additional grade-specific suggestions on how to work with your children in English-Language Arts (ELA) and math, look at last page of each of the Council of Great City Schools’ K-8 Parent Roadmaps. For example, here is the link to the Kindergarten ELA document: (there are 18 of these documents in total – one each for K-8 ELA and K-8 Math)
  5. More activities and lessons from other organizations
  6. Resource for Explaining Hurricane Sandy to Children
    • Elmo and the Sesame Street gang do a great job explaining Hurricane Sandy to young children.  This 15-minute video would be good for pre-K – 2nd grade students: Click here to watch the video.
  7. Edutopia