Information for New Employees

Welcome to the Newark Board of Education! We are excited to have you as part of our team. As part of your onboarding process, please take the time to review the materials linked below. Your onboarding packet will require you to confirm that you have read materials marked with a * prior to your onboarding appointment with our Staffing team.

For additional information on Benefits or Pension, please go to For assistance please email

TitleFile SizeFile TypeDateLinkDownloads
Building Trades Union231 KBpdfNovember 23, 2021177
City Association of Supervisors (CASA)130 KBpdfNovember 23, 2021355
Local 3233 KBpdfNovember 23, 202175
Local 32234 KBpdfNovember 23, 2021210
Local 617234 KBpdfNovember 23, 2021257
Local 68234 KBpdfNovember 23, 202168
Newark Teachers Union (NTU)188 KBpdfNovember 23, 2021628
Non-Union234 KBpdfNovember 23, 202162