Strategic Plan


Note from the Superintendent:

This three-year strategic plan reflects the collaboration and hard work of many hundreds of people — teachers, principals, students, and parents who participated in working groups; community-based organization staff, council members, and community members who attended and helped coordinate our ward-based engagement sessions; the Mayor’s Office; the Board of Education; and a citywide Review Committee.

This strategic plan embodies the best ideas from across this community. It builds on areas of previous success and investment and addresses areas where the district has struggled recently. One consistent theme cuts across all the priorities, strategies, and action plans: the importance of quality implementation. Doing what we say we’re going to do.

Newark Public Schools (NPS) has experienced dynamic changes recently, and community members have made it clear that they value stability and improvement over more change. So do we. We believe we can achieve our shared goals by doing the most important things better.

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

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