Shabazz: It was All A Dream

A Malcolm X Shabazz High School production about African American History

At Malcolm X Shabazz High School, they understand that it is very important for students to understand their African-American History and the sacrifices of their ancestors. Both World History teacher, Ms. S. Maxwell, and paraprofessional/dance club instructor, Ms. Sade, wrote and directed the play, “It Was All a Dream.” Both teachers worked very hard to develop the script and casting of students. This story line consisted of an African American boy who, naive to his history, experiences an awakening. The students were able to learn from each other and work together as a team. The time periods consisted of the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, the Claudette Colvin Bus Scène, Malcolm X, the Newark Riots, the evolution of Hip Hop, the Million Man March(1990’s) and concluded with “My President is Black.” The overall experience of the play was great and a collective effort from the teachers to the students.