Grant Funded Educator Resources

The Office of Federal Programs and Grants is excited to announce the expansion of SEL and mental health resources. Thanks to grant funding, the Newark Board of Education is able to provide resources to address the needs of teachers and staff. We welcome you to learn more about these resources and how you can participate using the links and information below.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources



RethinkCare is a digital training platform for mindfulness, resilience, and mental & emotional wellbeing. All NBOE employees, regardless of role, can utilize this platform free of charge for the 2022-2023 school year. The RethinkCare provides digital courses on mediation, reducing stress, anxiety, improving physical health, taking short breaks, and more.

Note: You can use either your personal email or your NBOE email address to download the app to your device.

Newark Yoga Movement - Logo

Newark Yoga Movement Sessions

Now, more than ever, your well-being matters. You have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to provide our children with the best experiences possible, full of care and empathy, under these unprecedented circumstances. Now it’s your turn. The NBOE is excited to partner with Newark Yoga Movement to offer free virtual yoga sessions. The sessions offer self-regulation tools, tips, and benefits intended to help relieve the stress, anxiety, and trauma that have been heightened by the pandemic.