Facilities Project Request Form

When Facilities Management receives the completed Project Request Form it will be assigned to an Architect depending on the scope of the work. The request will also be entered in the “School Dude” to be assigned a project number for tracking purposes. You will be notified by email of the project number and the staff assignment. The project manager will contact you to discuss the scope of work and to perform a site investigation of the proposed area. Then a Project Program of Requirements which includes a budget estimate and a proposed schedule will be generated and sent to you for your acceptance.

There is NO charge for any of the services outlined below. However, if the proposed project is assigned to an Architect, a fee may be charged. You will see when you review the proposed budget that there is a line for the fees that Architect will charge for developing all necessary construction documents, obtaining building permits and competitive bids, and overseeing the construction of your project. If you elect to proceed with the project you will need to obtain the necessary approval signatures and will be asked to approve funding for the amount indicated on the project estimate.