STATEMENT: Bus Accident Involving Newark Public Schools Students

A private bus vendor, F and A Transportation, was transporting Newark Public School children yesterday afternoon from 14th Avenue School home. Students on the bus were picked up from the school at approximately 1 p.m. Approximately five minutes later, the driver of the bus was involved in an accident. No student injuries were sustained in the accident. All students on the bus were transported to a nearby hospital, where they were evaluated and released. Immediately following the accident, the Newark Board of Education suspended F and A Transportation from providing the 14th Avenue bus route, which is being operated by the Newark Board of Education until an investigation has been completed.

The driver of the bus is employed by F and A Transportation, not the Newark Board of Education. The only route immediately discontinued by the Newark Board of Education is the one F and A route for the Special Needs students at 14th Avenue that was involved in the accident. The Newark Board of Education is operating that route. F and A is continuing all other routes with us at this time and until the investigation has concluded.