Newark’s New Superintendent Brings New Meaning to the Phrase “First Day of School” with August High School Orientation

[NEWARK, New Jersey, August 22, 2018] Newark’s new Superintendent Roger León is bringing new meaning to the high school student experience for the city’s public school students. During the week of August 27, Superintendent León will host Orientation Week for incoming seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. This is the first time high school students will return to school before the official first day of school, which is Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Superintendent León said, “We are changing the way we conduct business and deliver educational services to Newark Public School students. My goal with Orientation Week is to engage high school students on a level that is above and beyond the ordinary practice – there is nothing ordinary about our students.” He continued, “By providing orientation before the official first day of school, we are putting in place a new process that will help students be extraordinary beginning on Day 1.”

Orientation for seniors is on Monday, August 27, for juniors on Wednesday, August 29, for sophomores on Thursday, August 30 and freshmen orientation is Friday, August 31. All sessions will take place from 9 to 11 a.m. at the student’s respective high school.

According to the Superintendent, “The high school orientation will provide an opportunity for students to meet with the Principal and class advisor, and find out more about class goals and objectives, scheduling for the school year and graduation requirements.

“Every student throughout the district should start the first day of school with an eye towards college, and in every high school, with a roadmap of how to get there,” Superintendent León added. “The orientation will mirror what many colleges do to prepare students for the year. By getting in front of students early and prior to the first day, I want to set the tone that we will prepare every student for college now. Newark is a college town and choosing college will be an option.”