Newark Public Schools Summer School & Summer Programs Begin!

“A Changing of the Tide”

New Superintendent Announces Expanded Concepts in Summer Learning Going Forward
[NEWARK, NJ – July 9, 2018] The Superintendent of Newark Public Schools Roger León today presented before more than 200 elementary school teachers and principals was held yesterday. More than 300 teachers and principals attended the two days of training for teaching summer school.

All summer programs begin Monday and continue through August 10th. High school classes will be held at Central and Science Park High Schools from 7:45 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. The district also hosts Summer Plus for grades K-7th. Summer Plus is a district wide initiative to curb summer learning loss and to provide enrichment experiences for students that will inspire learning. Other summer programs include English Plus, Extended School Year, Summer Music Camp and Summer Sports Camp.

Superintendent León said to the teachers and principals, “There is a lot of talent in this room. Principals are an important of leading and guiding you and the school’s direction. As teachers, you are close to the heartbeat of our schools and our children.” In speaking to the grammar school teachers and principals, Superintendent León said, “The students you will be teaching are our babies. It is important for you to establish a good relationship with each of them to impress upon them how much we care about their academic future.”

The Superintendent said “it’s a new day” for education in Newark because as teachers you are here for a number of reasons: 1) to engage students over the summer months; 2) to be a part of the progress we will experience as we are on the cusp of incredible change in the district; and 3) to work towards and become the highest performing school district in the country.

Superintendent León encouraged the teachers and principals to be engaged and focused. He said, “You are the critical force to get the job done, with our students and in our schools.”

The Superintendent said going forward; summer school will take a new meaning. He said traditionally summer school has always been about recovering credits to stay in your grade and to get academic assistance to excel. In the future, Superintendent León said, “Summer school will be for students who are not “behind” in school, but who are “ahead” in school – it will be a reward for doing well. He mentioned music training programs at Arts High School and students who studied at Johns Hopkins for the summer. He said, “Programs like these, are areal summer school to get our students excited and engaged throughout the academic year.”