Newark Board of Education’s Teacher of the Year

Juanita Greene of Newark Vocational High School was recognized as NBOE Teacher of the Year

On June 14, 2023, the Newark Board of Education declared Mrs. Juanita Greene Teacher of the Year for the district. The announcement was made during a surprise ceremony at Newark Vocational High School in her 10th Grade Geometry Class. Mrs. Greene was honored for her exceptional teaching abilities and contributions to Newark Public Schools.

Mrs. Greene's path to becoming Teacher of the Year is impressive. With almost three decades of experience, she has taught and excelled in various grade levels. Although she left the classroom to embark on other journeys, including instructing teachers, Mrs. Greene's love for teaching students returned her to her true passion.

“It is with pride that I announce and introduce the Newark Board of Education's Teacher of the Year, and this year is no different," Superintendent León stated. "It is a privilege to have Mrs. Greene, who personifies what it means to be committed to ensuring that students receive the academic and emotional tools needed to be successful, as the district's Teacher of the Year."

"She is a one-of-a-kind teacher." Principal Karisa DeSantis of Newark Vocational High School admires her exceptional dedication and compassion. "She is just always on her A-game.”

Mrs. Greene was chosen Teacher of the Year due to her outstanding teaching skills, unwavering devotion to her students, and sincere dedication to their academic and emotional progress. Representing the entire district, Mrs. Greene demonstrates the best standards of educational excellence.

Sophomore Alondra Novilla, 16, praised Greene for her patience in the classroom. “She’ll explain and if you don’t understand she won’t get frustrated with you or anything.”

Board President Asia Norton commends Mrs. Greene for her exceptional teaching skills and genuine care for her students. "Her dedication to the educational community in Newark is truly admirable and inspires educators throughout the district. We express our gratitude and congratulations to Mrs. Greene for this well-deserved recognition."