Dawn of a New Day Newark Public Schools Hosts 32nd Annual Title 1 Parent Conference


Nearly 500 Parents, Educators, Advocates and Others Attend

[NEWARK, NJ – December 20, 2018] The Newark Board of Education hosted the 32nd Annual Title 1 Citywide Parent Conference for parents, educators, advocates and others, recently. The 2018 theme, NPS Clarity 2020, provided a look at the strategies that will be used to educate Newark Public School students in the coming year. The purpose of the conference is also focused around expanding the partnership with parents to plan a roadmap for success for every Newark Public School student.

Roger León, Superintendent of Newark Schools said, “The Title 1 Parent Conference is a unique opportunity for parents, advocates, educators and the Newark community to come together to collectively understand the priorities of the school district and how together, we can help our children achieve academic success.” The Superintendent added, “The 2018 conference theme, NPS Clarity 2020, represents the strategic direction of the district in educating students going forward.”

The 2018 conference featured workshops on parental involvement, independent reading, science, conflict resolution, social emotional learning and communicating effectively with your child and school. The conference also featured workshops focusing on challenges; such as the impact of trauma, stress management and relaxation and more. In addition, several workshops provided the tools to help prepare the parent to be college-ready to help their child. Also, this year, the Community Engagement Committee of the Newark Board of Education presented a workshop so parents and others can share their thoughts, concerns and ideas to support positive experiences for their child and our student.

Board Chairwoman Josephine C. Garcia and other members of the Board of Education’s Community Engagement Committee led a panel discussion, providing an opportunity for parents to engage in a face-to-face discussion on positive programs and events for students and families to experience as part of their educational experience.

The Superintendent added, “The compact we have between the school and the home will move this district in a positive trajectory.” Mr. León said the compact is comprised of a “Principal Who Leads, A Teacher Who Cares, a Parent Who Loves and a Student Who Learns.”