Allan Houston and FISLL Brings Leadership and Legacy to Newark’s High School Students

New York Knicks Legend, Allan Houston
New York Knicks Legend, Allan Houston

Newark, NJ - Allan Houston, renowned 2X NBA All-Star and iconic NY Knicks Legend, has officially launched FISLL (Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership, and Legacy) in another Newark Public School, bringing the number of programs to 3! FISLL's mission is to equip individuals with the necessary tools and mindset to enhance their lives, performance, and leadership capabilities.

 The Newark Board of Education took great pride in hosting Mr. Houston and FISLL at Weequahic, University and Malcolm X. Shabazz High Schools. The event allowed students and faculty members to delve into their core values and connect with the principles embodied by the Newark Board of Education and its schools.

 Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maria Ortiz, played a pivotal role in this collaboration. Her dedication and commitment allowed the Newark community to experience the inspiring messages and impactful work of Allan Houston and the FISLL Team. 

 "We are grateful to Allan Houston for sharing his wisdom and passion with our students and staff," expressed Dr. Ortiz. "The FISLL Team's collaboration has been transformative, and we commend them for their exceptional efforts in empowering our community."

 The Allan Houston Foundation and the FISLL program have significantly impacted NBOE High school Students. The FISLL project influenced our youth socially by promoting healthy, emotional, and civic habits. NBOE students must believe in the community's interest in their well-being, social-emotional growth, and pathway to healthy adulthood. Students shared how they internalized the curriculum and implemented the recommendations by creating new habits, drawing effective decisions, and having fun. Allan listened to what the students had to say as they expressed heartfelt appreciation and commitment to citizenship and humanity.

 Superintendent Roger León said, “We appreciate Allan Houston and the FISLL Team for their dedication and commitment to creating a lasting impact in the lives of scholars. Their partnership has enriched the student's educational experience and provided valuable insights that will hopefully impact them for the rest of their lives.”