Toast to the Teachers 2022


Recognizing Teachers from...

Avon Avenue     Abington     14th Avenue     Lafayette     Quitman     Street South 17th
Roberto Clemente     Hawkins     Weequahic     Technology     West Side
East Side     Central     Roseville     Marion P. Thomas     LEAD

Special thanks to this select group of educators for changing the world one child at a time:

Ms. Nicole Cavallaro
Ms. Susan Cerbasio
Mr. Daniel Cerdas
Ms. Molisa Chang
Ms. Joan Dain
Ms. Lisa De Coma
Ms. Rosie Ferreira
Ms. Goldie Jones
Ms. Keioni Parsons
Ms. Qy-Deara Nathan
Ms. Keziah Riddick
Ms. Carina Rodrigues
Ms. Keya Sanders
Ms. Leslie Thomas
Ms. Rowena Trias
Ms. Andrea Valerius
Mr. Kariem Wardlow