McKinley Students Meet Kobe Bryant!

In the simplest of terms, this book is amazing. It's a perfect little trap. It hauls you in and never lets you go until you finish reading."

- Kauan, age 14, Newark, NJ

Kamila Nieves and Kauan Almeida had the unique opportunity to read Kobe Bryant’s new book before its release. This book, Wizenard Series Training Camp,” was written for teen readers.

If you click here and scroll down you can see the following book review from Kauan. Over Christmas Break they were given the final edited copy of the book before it went into the final print phase and were asked to write a book review. Kobe Bryant and his publishers were so impressed they decided on using an excerpt from Kauan Almeida’s review for all digital advertising for the book!

Both Kauan and Kamila, along with one of our teachers, Ms. Yancey, were then invited to meet Kobe himself on March 20th!