Hour of Code: Luis Muñoz Marin

Hour of Code Marin 2016
“These are the moments I live for!” This is what one of the amazing Special Needs teachers at Luis Munoz Marin School said today when asked about the experience in her class.

Today the students in Ms. Jiles’ 3rd/4th grade classroom participated in the Hour of Code. These 12 male students eagerly invited Mr. David Huffner, from Code for Newark, into their classroom excited to learn about computer programming. They were able to code for an hour and even forfeited their recess to continue to code. They were so excited to show off their work and helped teach each other in the process.

“Student learning is one of the things that keeps me motivated,” said Ms. Jiles. Students with behavioral disabilities where? #allstudentscanlovelearning #lifeofaproudteacher #futureleaders