Black History Month Celebration: Homage to African Americans & Afro-Latinos


Our Mission

The mission of the New Jersey Future Educators Association (NJFEA) is to foster the recruitment and development of prospective teachers through the dissemination of innovative programming and relevant research. By elevating the image of teaching, the NJFEA will attract dynamic and diverse students who will become great teachers.

Our Goals

The New Jersey Future Educators Association shall:

  • Strive to interest students in the field of education early in their school experience.
  • Place a strong emphasis on the recruitment of future educators with diverse ethnic, racial, social, and economic backgrounds.
  • Strive to promote excellence in students interested in the teaching profession by promoting academic achievement, developing a positive self-image, and encouraging leadership responsibilities.
  • Recruit and encourage today’s students to become teachers in high shortage subject areas (e.g., special education, STEM, and world languages), and in high poverty, hard-to-staff schools.
  • Enhance the quality of the school’s educational program by fostering an appreciation for teaching and contributing to the smooth operation of the school.
  • Promote a positive image of education to students, parents/guardians, and the community and disseminate information about the teaching profession.
  • Encourage members to be positive role models in the school, the organization, and the community.


Achunike Okafor, Jaryssa Geraldino, Emma Soares, Toyeebat Ojifinni, Kayla Inahuazo, Chinenye Okafor

Chapter Members

Adriana Sarmiento*, Abdul Bacchues, Aiden Lott*, Alexandra Avalos, Belinda Richardson*, Jeremiah Robinson-Hagans*, Guillaume Tivoli, Kiara Solano, Liana Zempare*, Maureen Nyarko, Nadia Diaz, Nathaniel Esubonteng*, Samantha Serrano*, Skky Boatner, Talia Caguana*, Taniyah Heyward*, Anna Clara Abutrabe


Research and Managing Editors: Toyeebat Ojifinni, Chinenye Okafor, Nathaniel Esubonteng, Kiara Solano
Copy Editor for the Spanish segment: Liz Hernández

Dancers: Adriana Sarmiento, Talia Caguana, Agnes Boateng, Arianna Ordoñez, Mikayla Richardson, Sanaa Jennings, Shanya Heath, Joseph Onwusogh-Stanley

Inés M. Davis-Parks, M.Ed., MA Spanish Teacher, Science Park Future Teacher Coordinator, & Junior Class Advisor