7 Science & STEM Teachers From Three Different NBOE Schools Visited Dayton, Ohio For Professional Development Unlike Any Other!

From July 18-21st, educators participated in a variety of engineering design challenges and learned innovative ways to infuse science, technology, engineering, and math into their lessons from STEM professionals at a variety of affiliated sites for up to fifteen hours each day.

The staff members were provided unique access to aviation and aeronautics sites that promote creativity, productivity, and full engagement. The teachers received expert instruction about the physics of flight, the opportunity to explore behind the scenes at the Dayton International Airport, and ultimately were able to pilot a small aircraft at Wright Brothers Airfield under the direction of a FAA certified instructor.

They were able to collaborate to develop ideas about lessons, units, and resource acquisitions in creative ways focusing on the values of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship with other teachers from various states. Teachers are able to return to their classrooms with a newfound perspective on how to demystify the STEM fields for their students, build self confidence in their abilities, and encourage their curiosity. By encouraging students to effectively analyze each failed attempt as a means to discover the correct answer, they can help shape collaborative leaders who will succeed in STEM careers in the future.

Staff members who attended were:

  • Jama Bridges, Dr. E. Alma Flagg School
  • James Dixon, Chancellor Avenue School
  • Rute Guerreiro, Oliver Street School
  • Ashleigh Kennedy, Oliver St School
  • Bianca Palma, Dr. E. Alma Flagg School
  • Principal Sakina Pitts, Chancellor Avenue School
  • Jacqueline Smith, Chancellor Avenue School

Air Camp was fully sponsored by United Airlines.