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A note from the Superintendent:

noun_702At Newark Public Schools, the health and safety of students and staff is our highest priority. This is why in early March, when made aware of elevated lead samples taken at 30 of our school buildings, I made the decision to bring water into those schools and to share the results of those tests broadly with the public and state authorities.

It is clear from our review of past data and historical actions that this problem is one that has been with us for some time. While it is also clear that prior administrations have worked to prevent and remediate this issue, we have decided to go beyond what has been done in the past to make sure that we solve this problem once and for all.

My staff is working with great urgency to do just that, and as we work to move forward and make progress, we have set up this page to make sure that you have the resources and support you need to continue to feel safe in our schools. Please see below for our most recent updates, read our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us directly at 973-733-7333 if you have specific questions.

Drinking Water Resources

Most Recent Updates:

Previous Updates:

Most Recent Water Quality Results
As part of the district’s response to findings in the 2015-16 annual test, we are conducting additional testing at every potential point of use, in every facility across the district. This information will give us a new baseline for water quality across all of our schools, and will allow us to confidently assure families and staff that any result greater than 15 ppb detected at any outlet intended for drinking or cooking will be shut off immediately. These additional tests are being prioritized into three tiers (which you can read about in our sampling plan). We will communicate directly with each school or building leader as soon as we have results, and will continually update this information at the links below as it becomes available.

NPS Water Quality FAQs

New Jersey Department of Health Resources:


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