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 Ms. Sharpe
Welcome to the University High School's  website.
University High School of the Humanities is a public, college preparatory school in Newark, N.J. for academically gifted students. The school is rigorous and highly competitive as students compete for admission. University High School of the Humanities not only places an emphasis on academics, but on participation in the arts and athletics, as well. In January of 2010 U.S. News & World Report recognized University High School of the Humanities as one of the top public high schools in the country by awarding it Bronze Medal status for the 2009-2010 academic year. This honor was predicated upon college readiness as defined by the College Board and the International Baccalaureate of North America. A combined junior high and high school, University has fewer than 600 students in grades 7th through 12th with 41 instructional faculty members.
Classified as a Magnet High School since its inception in 1978, potential students must reside within the city of Newark and must have a proven record of academic excellence as well as scoring well on the entrance exam. Entering seventh grade students can qualify for a limited number of available spots. University High School of the Humanities mandates a minimum GPA requirement for all students. Admissions tests are administered each January for rising 9th graders with a maximum enrollment of 130 freshmen students per school year. Recent graduates have matriculated to Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, St. John's, Princeton, Pennsylvania State University, and various State Colleges in New Jersey.
Thank you for your interests in our school.
If you should have questions, or suggestions,
please contact us at (973) 351-2010 & FAX: 973-351-2110
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