District Information

The Newark School District, with 66 schools, 5,595 employees and a student population of 35,054, is the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey. Its origin dates back to 1676. Barringer High School, in Newark’s North Ward, is the third oldest public high school in the nation.The ethnic diversity of the city provides a rich educational experience for pre-kindergarten to secondary school students. The district continues to revise its services to meet the changing needs of students.

 Last Updated: October 15, 2013

DemographicsNo. of Students
Native American64
Pacific Islander125


GenderNo. of Students


Population by GradesNo. of Students
Primary (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 4)16921
Middle School (Grade 5 – 8)10785
High School (Grade 9 – 12)10444
Special Needs Students (Ungraded)3748



  • PK-12 Schools include NPS district schools serving students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, as well as schools serving students with special needs  (i.e. John F. Kennedy, Bruce Street,  & NJ Regional Day).
  • Alternative education schools include Fast Track, Newark Bridges HS, Newark Leadership Academy, Newark Innovation Academy, & Newark Evening HS.
  • Students served outside of the district (OOD) are not included in the data.