School Summaries

The 2016 School Summaries provide a review of up-to-date information on conditions and outcomes in NPS schools. For more information read the School Summaries introduction. A glossary that defines each indicator is available and intended to answer questions about each indicator.

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One goal of the School Summaries is to inform the Newark community about opportunities to learn that are connected to student outcomes. The indicators are grouped into five categories:

  • Basic school information and demographics: Provides measures of the context in which schools operate, such as school location and a measure of economic advantage.
  • School resources and programs: Includes indicators of the financial resources and programs available at each school.
  • Student participation and progress: Provides measures of student attendance and progress earning the credits needed to graduate.
  • Teacher inputs: Includes data points on teacher staffing.
  • Student outcomes: Provides measures of student achievement on multiple standardized tests and graduation rates.

Although measuring the quality of education is complicated, the diagram below depicts one way to understand the information included in the School Summaries.





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