Student Support Services

Mission Statement

It is our hope that through course offerings, programs, Guidance support, and the support of meaningful parenting, that all of our students will leave fully prepared for the life plans they have chosen.  We aim to provide every student with an exceptional Guidance experience in an inspiring environment with a counseling staff who genuinely cares.

Schoolwide Counselor Support

  • Academic Advising
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Career Exploration
  • Schedule Adjustments (as per school policy)
  • Special Education Support
  • Collaborative Support with Special Staff
  • Comprehensive College/Career Support
  • Credit/Course Review
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Partnership with Community Organizations
  • Liaison to community service, clubs, and part-time job opportunities
  • Summer School/Credit Recovery Support
  • SAT/PARCC/AP/ACT Support
  • Parent support through email blasts, ongoing conferences, and evening presentations
  • In-service to faculty and administration


The Middle School Program is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of lifelong learners.  We encourage our people to become responsible, internationally-minded citizens of the world.

The Ninth Grade Program is designed to help students transition into high school, and to encourage students to take full advantage of all of the programming options offered.

The Tenth Grade Program is designed to continue promoting optimal student performance while introducing the concept of exploring different career opportunities.

The Eleventh Grade Program continues to support each student with their social, emotional, and academic needs.  The primary focus becomes post-high school planning with an emphasis on the college and career search and planning process.

The Twelfth Grade Program continues to promote the student as a whole individual, preparing to enter the college, military, and/or career world.  A special focus on the college application process is given at this time.

Anello, EllenCST Social Workereanello@nullnps.k12.nj.us862-276-1881
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Bowen, DeborahClerk IIdbowen@nullnps.k12.nj.us973-733-7392
Daye, TyroneAttendance Counselortdaye@nullnps.k12.nj.us973-733-8120
Giles, Dr. MylaCounselormgiles@nullnps.k12.nj.us862-234-9876
Green-Foote, TamekaVice Principaltgreen-foote@nullnps.k12.nj.us973-733-7747
Lovell, SeanSocial Workerslovell@nullnps.k12.nj.us908-312-1585
Oliver, JaniceSchool Clerkjoliver@nullnps.k12.nj.us973-733-7391
Pettiford, ShelleyCounselorspettiford@nullnps.k12.nj.us908-793-9486
Salley, DavonneParent Liaison/School Community Aided1salley@nullnps.k12.nj.us732-743-5367
Smallwood, CoreyCounselorcsmallwood@nullnps.k12.nj.us732-527-3191
Spearman, BonegalSchool Nursebspearman@nullnps.k12.nj.us908-259-4764
Wilson, PaulaOn-Call PsychologistPWilson@nullnps.k12.nj.us973-733-7391