Vocal Music Department

Vocal Music Department

The Vocal department at Arts High School treats each student as a unique performer, with talents that cannot and should not be replicated by anyone else. Vocalists are primarily trained in classical singing, but have opportunities to apply their learning to contemporary music, jazz, and music theatre. Over the course of their studies, students will study piano, music theory, music history, and the international phonetic alphabet. All vocal majors participate in our vocal ensembles as well as multiple solo performances throughout the year.

“We believe, in its conception and original state, the human voice is a perfect instrument. Our task as singers is to return to the perfection of our creation, to undo all entanglements, which keep us from allowing our true uniqueness to be revealed. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the release of the physical manifestations of such psychological entanglements… Each student is treated as an individual, and is challenged to discover his or her own vocal uniqueness.”Vocal Department Handbook
Curriculum Pacing Guide
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Solo Repertoire
Sight Singing Sight Singing Sight Singing Sight Singing Senior Recital Prep
Music Theory Music Theory Music Theory Music Theory Senior Portfolio
Basic Piano Skills Basic Piano Skills Voice Science Voice Science Audition Techniques
Concert Choir Concert Choir Advanced Choir Advanced Choir Professional Recordings
Small Group Lessons Small Group Lessons Small Group Lessons Small Group Lessons Guest Artist Lecture Series
Vocal Health Vocal Health Voice Science Voice Science Masterclasses
Important Links:

Copy of Vocal Department Handbook

Summer Bridge Practice Track

Vocal Music Faculty:

Dr. Jerry Forderhase

Mr. Matthew Henry

Ms. Sarah Mae Lagasca

Mr. Stephen Wu (Collaborative Pianist)

Notable Alumni

From left to right: Sarah Vaughan, Kat DeLuna, Melba Moore, and MJ Rodriguez