Arts Departments Home

With programs and curricula aligned to the National Core Arts Standards, Arts High School’s music, dance, drama, visual arts, and film and television production departments give passionate Newark students comprehensive, sequential arts training, along with performance/exhibition opportunities, to develop their artistic potential.

This rigorous training, provided by a distinguished faculty of professional and practicing artist/educators, prepares them to earn admission to some of the nation’s top conservatory, college, and university programs.  Along the way, many win local, state, and national merit awards and scholarships for artistic excellence.

The nurturing environment created by the inspiring faculty, the supportive administration, and the diverse and passionate student body of young artists, gives Arts High School’s students the encouragement needed to grow artistically to levels beyond what even they could imagine.

With support from the Newark Public Schools, the surrounding arts and arts education communities, and the Newark community, as a whole, Arts High School continues to deliver on its promise to deliver consistently outstanding arts education, year after year, and decade after decade.