Guitar Department

Guitar Department

Welcome to the Arts High School Guitar Department! The coursework in this four-year instrumental music major is filled with opportunities for students to achieve proficiency in the many different styles of guitar playing. Students will learn to harness the melodic abilities of the guitar, as well as mastering how to use the guitar as an accompaniment instrument. Areas of concentration include: correct posture, note-reading, aural skills, rhythmic patterns, chord study, finger-picking styles, melody construction, musical forms, and performing experiences.  Students will also be introduced to instrument care and maintenance, music theory, and professionalism and musicianship.  All of this will prepare them for college and conservatory auditions, and real-world professional application in the music business.

Each year is designed to assist students in mastering the guitar. Students will receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar on all levels, and will learn many of the different styles, skills, and techniques required to become a successful musician.Guitar Department Handbook
Curriculum Pacing Guide

Abel Carlevaro’s Cuadernos ​”Right-Hand Preparatory”Abel Carlevaro’s Cuadernos “​Scales”Abel Carlevaro’s Cuadernos ​”Left-Hand Preparatory” Abel Carlevaro’s Cuadernos ​”Left-Hand Movement”

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Sight Reading for Classical Guitar,​ Part 1 Sight Reading for Classical Guitar,​ Part 2 Sight Reading for Classical Guitar,​ Part 3 Sight Reading for Classical Guitar,​ Part 4
Jazz Chords and Rhythms, ​Part 1 Jazz Chords and Rhythms, ​Part 2 Jazz Chords and Rhythms, ​Part 3 Jazz Chords and Rhythms, ​Part 4
Segovia Scales Pentatonic Scales Berklee Scales J. Sagreras Techniques
Ensemble Pieces Ensemble Pieces Ensemble Pieces Ensemble Pieces
Solo Repertoire – Classical Solo Repertoire – Classical/Romantic Solo Repertoire – Classical, Romantic, and Baroque Solo Repertoire – All eras
Junior Recital Senior Recital
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