Student Voices: Peer Leadership

Faculty Advisors – Ms. Kudirat Akinronbi and Dr. Oksana Hnatczuk

What is Student Voices?

Student Voices is the official Peer Leadership Organization of Arts High School. Student Voices works collaboratively with students and faculty for the purposes of (1) fostering strong peer leadership and (2) providing underclassmen with positive role models and peer support as they transition into and through high school.

Throughout the school year, Student Voices develop strong leadership skills and supports the student body academically and effectively via team-building activities and tutoring services.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Voices (Peer Leaders)

Peer Leaders are given the primary responsibility of providing leadership during Summer Bridge Program, New Student Orientation, Back-to-School night, Advisories and during a host of other activities. Peer Leaders, along with faculty, assist in guiding students in all aspects of their transition to high school.  Specific responsibilities and expectations of the Peer Leader are listed below.

  • Participation in all scheduled Peer Leader training sessions.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Maintain good attendance throughout the school year
  • Maintain positive relationships with school staff and faculty
  • Perfect attendance at Peer Leader skill building and development sessions
  • Serve as a social role model and student mentor for your advisories (freshman in your major).
  • Work collaboratively with Administration, the Student Council and Senior Class Representatives