‘Promoting Success’

Education is for Improving the Lives of Others and
For leaving your Community and the World Better than you found it.

Barringer High School offers courses at the standard college, honors and advanced placement levels. Any course entitled Honors or AP (Advanced Placement) is a weighted course. This indicates that the final grade received may be upgraded by 10% for AP courses and 5% for Honors for the purpose of computing the student’s average. Moreover, placement in Honors and/or AP courses is based on the results of academic performance to date and/or on departmental recommendations. There is an academic minimum which must be met in order to register for Honors and/or AP courses. It is therefore possible for a student to be placed in some honors course and not in others.

The departments at Barringer High School includes:

  • Bi-lingual, ESL & World Language Dept.
  • Business and Social Studies Dept.
  • Career & Technical Education Dept.
  • English Department
  • Health & Physical Education Department
  • Mathematics Department
  • Science Department
  • Special Education Department