Our School

At Barringer, we don’t merely enroll students; we enroll families. Our mission is to improve the city of Newark, by cultivating a true community of urban scholars and leaders. It is our goal to increase possibilities—one student at a time. We utilize a wholistic approach to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. Our students ALWAYS come first and our efforts are laser focused on strengthening the C.O.R.E.


Community Leadership

College & Career Readiness


We strive to offer our students a high quality educational experience. Therefore, we need all hands on deck to secure our rank as a model public high school. To that end, any support that you can provide will be useful. We encourage you to “lean in” and “help out.” If you desire to donate your time or resources, please contact Ms. Bray at 973-268-5125 to register as a volunteer. Please be advised that no display of support is too small. Again, welcome to our site and we look forward to partnering with you!