Vision and Mission


Mission Statement

The mission of Barringer High School is to improve the city of Newark by cultivating a true community of urban scholars and leaders.  It is our goal to increase possibilities-one student at a time.  We will utilize a holistic approach to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. At Barringer High School., our students ALWAYS come first and our efforts are laser focused on strengthening the C.O.R.E.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all students entering Barringer High School will graduate on time and will be college bound and/or career ready.

We believe that all children can achieve success even in adverse circumstances. Knowledge is a powerful antidote for ignorance and provides the defense our students need to combat the lure of negative influences they confront on a daily basis. A well-rounded education will provide the knowledge our students need to contend with in a global market. We will provide a caring and nurturing learning environment, with multiple opportunities to experience new methods of learning.

As educators, we must understand the four R’s. Relevance + Rigor + Relationships = Results. Our students must embrace the concept of life-long learning and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do so. Our curriculum must constantly evolve to address the challenges of a competitive, global workplace along with the increasing demands of higher education. Our students must become ethical men and women who will assume responsibility for future generations. “Oh Alma Mater, Barringer High!”