Principal’s Message

Dr. Sharnee Brown

Dr. Sharnee Brown


Hello Stakeholders,

I am excited about this school year and all that it promises. We have some great features going on at Central High School that you may not know. Greatness should not be a secret! Our PARCC scores went up significantly last year with the juniors. That is one of our goals again this year to increase the number of students on all grade levels performing high on PARCC. A lot of great work is going on in the classrooms with our teachers to make achievement happen and during our Saturday PARCC tutoring sessions. Another goal we have this 2016-2017 school year is for us to build better relationships with all stakeholders. Central is a community school! We believe schools should be resources and available to the community. In September, we held our largest "Parent Academic Walk Through" at our school. I hope to see even more parents at our next walk through next semester. This year, we want to create more opportunities to connect often with our community partners and parents. We are open to suggestions.

Additionally, another objective at Central is to produce more college-ready students. Last year, 78% of our students were accepted to colleges! We intend to beat that this year! Last year, we expanded our dual enrollment to juniors and not only seniors taking college credits at Essex County College and NJIT. Expanding that program will allow some of our students to graduate with up to 24 college credits. Our Advanced Placement (AP) classes are still going strong. We offer students 6 AP classes: Spanish, Calculus, Biology, History, English Literature and English Language. There are many other great things happening at Central! We need your help to prepare your students for the world. We still have 5 exciting academies: Dental, Environmental, Pre-Engineering, Social Justice and our Freshman Academy. They are constantly taking your children on trips, exposing them to careers and offering them internships. I love our school! I know you have high expectations for us and we are still growing.

I wanted to use this opportunity to also include some things that we need your help with this year. I took the liberty of providing some things you can do to assist us service your students:

  1. Encourage your children to attend tutoring for all subjects. Students can get tutoring for English, History, and Health on every Wednesday. They can report to tutoring on Thursdays to get help and mathematics and science.
  2. Checking to see that your children are completing all homework assignments. Central teachers must give homework. Talking to your children about their assignments often will help them stay accountable. Also we give bi-weekly progress reports every other Tuesday.
  3. Encourage your children to read novels, magazines, newspapers or other types of reading material every week! Every year, your children are tested on the reading. Practiced reading is almost a guarantee to improve reading skills.
  4. Try very hard to attend all meetings to meet your children's teachers. These adults have your children all year. We are partners. We need your support. Even ask us about how to volunteer at our school.
  5. Encourage your young people to love their school, love education and own their promising futures. They have to replace us!
  6. Take your children on college tours. There are some great colleges and universities. Our students need to know what is out there after high school. Also, go to book stores and purchase ACT and SAT books so your children can practice the test.

I hope that we meet or exceed your expectations this school year. We are working hard to give your children a safe, warm, empowering and rigorous academic environment. Thanks for stopping by our website.

Dr. Sharnee Brown,
Central High School


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