Library Media Center

Welcome to the School Library Media Center at Central High School where information literacy is our first priority. By entering this space, you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • No food or drink allowed!!!
  • This is a quiet area. You must moderate your voice and be respectful at all times.
  • You must give your pass to the SLMS and sign-in at the circulation desk.
  • In order to use a computer, you must indicate it on the patron sign-in log.
  • Computer use is for work –NO GAMES OR DOWNLOADING ALLOWED!
  • Keep our library clean.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Useful Resources:


The Google Classroom Access Code Can Be Obtained From Your Teachers.



Ms. Ayanna Camean, School Library Media Specialist

Library Media Center
Room W204
Phone: 973-733-8692
Fax: 973-733-8974